Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I don't really know what to say..

...except that Tim Newsham is the man.

Out of the blue one day he totally writes up a very nice 9P implementation in Haskell that I started to look at, then ran out of time before I had to start working on other things. A few days ago I thought I'd get back to it, and it doesn't work out.

So a couple days ago he sends me *another* implementation of 9P in Haskell, but instead of just tackling straight 9P, he goes and does 9P.u too (Unix extensions involving fields for the stat message and such). But not only that, he adds an example client program that works with a 9p service running on the Google Android platform, reading sensor data from the phone.

Now that's cool... I need to try it against some of my Inferno service stuff.

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