Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Last bug found

Kevin spotted this before I did, but I'm afraid it's not quite what he thought. I was using calloc to allocate a context for an event source, but part of that context was initialized after the block's context was created. This lazy initialization of the context caused me trouble in that I was writing a -1 to stdin (0, because I used calloc should have been stdin, but it was making ???? appear at the console).

At any rate the completed, and corrected code is here.

Kevin went on to inform me that I don't need the semaphore and task counter because I can just use groups and group synchronization on the dispatch_objects that are sources. He sent me some code, and I'll probably take a look at it, but for the purposes of demonstration I think this code is basically final. (Groups do make sense to use here however as there's less manual book keeping, and that's part of the advantage of libdispatch and GCD).

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