Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Not quite dead is where I've stored what I've got so far for my 9p in Haskell implementation. It's incredibly larval, if not fetal at this point and doesn't do much.

In fact, I'm not even convinced I like what I've written at all so far, but it is true, that I can negotiate the TVersion/RVersion client-connect requests of a 9p2000 client to a 9p2000 server.

I've been having a very busy summer, full of family fun, and various work projects. I've been having to spend any of my extra time that does crop up on work related work as there's always more to do...

I'm still hopeful for this project, plus the new capabilities of cross compiling Haskell code from the JHC compiler to the iPhone (it can use a gcc backend that is the native iPhone compiler). If JHC would support more of GHC's capabiliteis, I'd be in business to do some interesting 9p related projects from the iPhone to varying Plan 9 or Inferno or any 9p2000 service.

It's rather exciting really. Especially when you consider how I'd really like to have a litghtweight IRC filesystem client (uses 9p2000) to my Inferno box, running on a Linksys router. Two lightweight systems running a distributed application with a sane protocol in between == beauty.

... I'll get there one day.

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